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My journal is Semi-friends only...I friend lock most of my personal entries. Comment and I may add you.

Cosplay Plans!

So I don't forget what I'm doing.

Wondercon '15
50411310179748-fb-04114-560x372Peggy Carter Uniform Version (Captain America)
Image6 Peggy Carter Fork Version (Agent Carter)

October '15
Lia (Le Chevalier D'Eon)

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My latest sewing project!

So it's been quite a while since my last update, mainly because I have been stressed out to the MAX (I'm not even going to touch that or this post would be about three miles long). And I had two summer classes in first session and one in the second. Because I really needed to focus on what was going on around me, I put myself on a sewing hiatus, knowing that I use sewing to ignore my problems sometimes.

But! Summer school ended last Thursday and I got bit HARD by the sewing bug. All summer, I've desperately wanted to sew real clothes and I made do with finding inspiration pictures of dresses and skirts that I loved but did not have the money to buy. I have been stalking Modcloth almost daily and saving inspiration pictures. At the last count, I have 312 pictures just of their stuff! More than half of those are back or detail shots, but still...

The thing that frustrates me about dresses sold in stores is that they never hit me at my natural waist. They range from super empire waist (which makes me look like I have zero curves) to an inch or two above my natural waist (which also makes me look like I have no waistline). Also, most of the time they are too short. I, unlike the girl dresses seem to be made for, have hips and would like some coverage of the bootay, please! So I've come to the conclusion I should sew more clothes. And look what I did!

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Just a super quick post...

to show off the icon that I just finished making. When I watched this episode of ATLA, this is immediately where my mind went.

The Last Airbender meetup

Ok peeps...I went to coordinate the meetup and buy my ticket when I discovered something rather important: they changed the release date to July 1st, which means the midnight showing is on WEDNESDAY JUNE 30 instead of Thursday.  I can't go to the midnight showing on Wed, so I say we should go on one of the convention nights (aka Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights).

Who's going with me? The closest theater to the hotel is Regal Cinemas LA Live Stadium 14 at 1000 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015. Showtimes for all three nights are 7:10 and 9:50.

So, who is going and what night should we all go?
Ok, it is time for me to start planning what I want to do for AX...

For Sure:
-Liz from Soul Eater
-Rosette from Chrono Crusade
-Beatrix from FF IX

-Wendy from Peter Pan (everyone remember this?  lol)
-Suki from Avatar

Not sure what else everyone is doing...


Writer's Block: Out of fashion

If you could choose which fashions would go out of style permanently, what would you choose, and why?

Oh, here we go...

1.  Leggings as pants.  I was going to just put leggings, but then I remembered that I have seen a few instances where they didn't look bad.  Personally, I don't own a pair of the things.

2.  Uggs.  Especially when you wear them with denim miniskirts.  I don't know how those kids are comfortable with sweating feet and freezing legs.

3. Crocs.  Seriously, the only legitimate use I'd see for these is gardening.

4. Banded bottom shirts/dresses.  These are so unflattering...if you have a waist, this style not only negates it, but actually adds fabric and makes you look like you are covering something up.

5. Open toe/strappy booties.  First off, I'm not sold on the whole bootie thing in general, but the open toed ones just make no sense.  And they look HIDEOUS.

6. Eighties shoulder pads.

7. Weird peplum dress. Flared skirt? Pencil skirt?

I could go on for hours, but I have to run to class.  And probably see more fashion crimes.

Steampunk @ALA!!!

PICTURE DUMP!!!  This outfit is my baby.

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I'm in trouble...

 So, I've been a HUGE slacker the past few days.  I need to force myself to sew, but when the sewing is so frustrating, it's hard to stay motivated.  Anyway, just letting ppl know that there is the possibility that Liz and/or Hungary won't be finished by convention time.  :(
 So...I met my goal.  I have the body of my steampunk tailcoat together, including the lining!  I left my good camera at school, so these pics are from my webcam and aren't the greatest.  Anyway...

Bad quality, but it gives you the idea...Collapse )

The pics are horrible, but oh well.  I'll try to remember to get my camera on Wednesday when I'm up in LA for the day.  So...the costume consists of a light brown suede corset (there are some better pictures of it in my earlier entry) with a zipper up the front.  You can only really see this in the first picture, but I'm working on binding the edges of the corset  in dark brown (real!) leather.  The tailcoat is a really beautiful bluish grey dull satin.  It's lined with the same material, and the collar is a poly fabric in a matching color that has textured stripes woven in, which you can't see in these pictures at all.  I'm so proud of this outfit so far!  I have to make a design decision on the sleeves though.  I was going to put short sleeves on, but I kind of like it as a vest.  If I leave it sleeveless, the next decision is whether or not to finish the sleeves.  It fits my character to leave them frayed, but I dunno...Lots left to do on this outfit though.  Bind corset, put buttons on jacket, make pants, spay paint/rub n buff plastic accessories, make leather accessories...yah, lots still to do.  And I still have two other cosplays that haven't been started yet.

In other news, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!  Hope it was lovely for you too.  I'm also really looking forward to the sewing party this Sunday.  I will be there for sure!  I'll probably bring the steampunk pants and Liz from soul eater to work on.